Case Study #1:

Data-Driven Solutions to Maximize Growth

Sales Analysis

Hockfield knows continued success means regular, granular analysis of sales and stock data. Often this involves digging into store-level data to uncover the root cause of an opportunity. Through careful tracking, we identified a solid sales opportunity for our client DerMend® that was difficult to see from a 30k-ft view; it was certainly not one that would be easily picked up by auto-ordering systems. Using Retail Solutions (RSi) data, Hockfield found 253 stores, representing a small fraction of their total distribution that were characterized by strong unit sales and low average inventory on hand.

Problem Solving

Hockfield researched the problem and contacted Walgreens Supply Chain on behalf of DerMend, presenting a strong case that increasing the average “Inventory OH” levels across these 253 stores would reduce out of stock numbers and increase sales for the brand. Without intervention, strong relationships and the proper approach, there would have been no opportunity to increase sales for the brand.


Under Hockfield’s advisement, Walgreens increased the number of DerMend units on hand in those stores by 27.7% in the twelve weeks following the adjustment period. The average in-stock rate increased by .8%, up to 99%, resulting in a 15.5% sales increase for the brand – an impressive growth for both Walgreens and the DerMend brand alike.

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