The Hockfield Method

Your Business Needs More than a Broker – Learn What Hockfield Can Do for You

A product’s success, longevity, profitability and scalability at retail depends on a complex system of strategy, sales and analysis – ensuring that the needs of the consumer, retailer and manufacturer are all met. It’s a fine balance that is frequently shifting, and Hockfield leverages their expertise and resources for their partners to achieve and maintain maximum growth.

Hockfield has mastered the space where the varying needs of manufacturer, retailer and consumer intersect, bringing essential insights that make it easier to plan for the best possible outcomes. Hockfield takes on emerging, promising manufacturers that offer something unique and useful to the market, preparing and coaching these partners for the path ahead. In turn, retailers can trust that once Hockfield introduces a manufacturer, their products are ready to earn their place on the shelf.

Most manufacturer brokers believe that once retail distribution is achieved, the work is over, but we know that the real work has just begun. Long-term success for manufacturers and retailers requires constant monitoring of robust data and adjustments based on real-time results. Big manufacturers have full departments dedicated to managing accounts in this way, but most emerging companies cannot afford these resources. Hockfield provides access to data and analytics that are difficult for most growing businesses to afford and complex to interpret. Our unique, big-picture perspective also brings non-biased, cross-category insights that allow us to offer custom strategies and not just short-term tactics.

At Hockfield, we’re known for tireless follow-up and efficient, effective follow-through, and we can nimbly navigate each step in the retail process as we manage the complexities of your business. We will continually anticipate challenges and identify areas of growth to propel your business forward.

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