Hockfield Services

Hockfield works with branded and private label manufacturers and retailers to foster mutually beneficial partnerships that propel profits forward. We offer essential access and insights into the retail landscape.

Hockfield provides individualized services that go above and beyond the scope of a typical manufacturer broker, with expertise in the following areas:

Business Development

Opportunity Evaluation

  • Product viability
  • Category insights
  • Retailer requirements & expectations

Strategy / Path to Market

  • Reset timing
  • Pricing & margin requirements
  • Promo strategy
  • Marketing strategy

Productive Engagement

  • Meeting efficiency
  • Preparedness
  • Presentation development

Project Management

New Item Launches

  • Milestone development
  • End-to-end management, from “Awarded” to “On Shelf”
  • Communication liaison between Vendor & Retailer

Supply Chain

Collaborative Forecasting

  • Communicate marketing events and forecast impact

Order Management

  • New item & replenishment PO review/tracking
  • Vendor cut & allocation requests

KPI Monitoring

  • SSIS trends
  • OTFR & fill rate

Exit Strategy & Execution

Data & Analytics

Proprietary POS Reporting

  • Sales and SSIS trends
  • Promo analysis

Category Analysis

  • Performance (vendor, brand, item)
  • Competitive landscape
  • Market share
  • Assortment gaps

Sales Optimization

  • Monitor POS and Forecast trends
  • Store level analysis

RSi Data Subscription

Sales Support

Vendor Profile Management

  • Item setup & maintenance

Promotion Management

  • Promo planning
  • Trade management

Walgreens.com Collaboration

  • Content management
  • Webcollage

Inventory Related Issues

Third Party Imaging Requests